Celebrities have always been a significant source of fashion inspiration, and their impeccable style often sets trends that resonate with fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Among the various facets of celebrity fashion, one that stands out is their penchant for ethnic wear, especially lehengas. These star-inspired ethnic wear ensembles not only exude glamour but also provide valuable insights into the latest trends in the fashion industry. This comprehensive guide will travel into the world of celeb-inspired lehengas, highlighting the red-carpet elegance these outfits bring to the forefront. Get ready to explore the latest celebrity style lehenga trends that are taking the fashion world by storm.

Celeb-Inspired Lehengas: Red Carpet Elegance

Timeless Elegance

Celebrities like Sonam Kapoor are known for their impeccable style. They have always been spotted donning some of the most stunning lehengas on various occasions. The preference for timeless elegance is reflected in the choice of lehenga designs. These celebs often opt for intricate embroidery and classic color combinations. A trendsetter in the film industry, they have popularized lehengas with capes, making them a must-have in celebrity fashion. To capture their red carpet elegance, consider lehengas that feature traditional craftsmanship and a touch of modern sophistication.

Timeless Elegance

Regal Charm

Deepika Padukone is synonymous with regal charm and elegance. Celebrities like her choose lehengas, which often include rich fabrics like silk and velvet, adorned with heavy embroidery and intricate embellishments. You might have seen her frequently opting for deep, bold colors to enhance her regal aura. To emulate Deepika Padukone's celebrity style, select lehengas with opulent detailing, and choose jewel-toned shades to add a touch of grandeur to your ethnic wear collection.

Fusion Couture

Some celebrities are known for their global fashion sense, and fusion couture choices are truly inspiring. They effortlessly blend traditional Indian elements with modern silhouettes. Like Priyanka- Chopra’s lehenga style often features unique draping styles, offbeat colors, and unconventional blouse designs. To capture Priyanka Chopra's celebrity style, experiment with fusion lehengas that combine the best of both worlds, allowing you to stand out with your distinct fashion statement.

Fusion Couture

Youthful Chic

There are many newcomers or young talent in the industry. One of them is Alia Bhatt, who brings a youthful and chic vibe to the world of celebrity lehenga trends. Her choices often include lightweight and easy-to-wear lehengas in pastel shades. She pairs them with statement accessories and minimalistic makeup to create a fresh and youthful look. To channel Alia Bhatt's style, consider opting for breezy and comfortable lehengas perfect for daytime events and summer weddings.

Contemporary Glamour

Kareena Kapoor Khan is known for glamour and bold fashion choices. Her celebrity lehengas are a mix of traditional and modern elements, often featuring unconventional blouse designs and unique draping styles. Kareena's preference for shimmering fabrics and bold colors adds a touch of drama to her ensembles. To capture Kareena Kapoor Khan's red-carpet elegance, explore lehengas that combine contemporary elements with traditional aesthetics, allowing you to make a striking fashion statement.

Minimalist Chic

Some celebrities go for a  minimalist chic style in a choice of lehengas. If you look at Anushka Sharma, she often opts for understated elegance, with minimal embroidery and clean lines. Muted color palettes and simple yet sophisticated designs characterize Anushka's celebrity style. To emulate Anushka Sharma's red carpet elegance, consider minimalist lehengas that focus on quality craftsmanship and subtle detailing, allowing you to exude understated sophistication

Glamorous Extravagance

Celebrities on some occasions go all out with glamorous and extravagant fashion choices. We have Shilpa Shetty for that and her lehenga style is no exception. She often chooses lehengas with intricate embellishments, heavy embroidery, and unique draping styles. Shilpa's celebrity style stands out with its opulent fabrics and bold color combinations. To capture Shilpa Shetty's red carpet elegance, opt for lehengas that feature intricate and lavish detailing, allowing you to make a grand fashion statement.

Timeless Classics

Actors of the 90s era have a fashion sense that is marked by timeless classics that never go out of style. Karisma Kapoor often includes traditional silhouettes in her choice of lehengas, rich fabrics, and intricate embroidery. Karisma's celebrity style is a testament to the enduring beauty of traditional Indian attire. To channel Karisma Kapoor's red-carpet elegance, explore classic lehenga designs that showcase the timeless charm of ethnic wear, allowing you to radiate grace and sophistication.

Youthful Vibes

Janhvi Kapoor brings youthful vibes to her celebrity-style lehengas. She often chooses vibrant colors, playful prints, and contemporary designs. Janhvi's fashion sense is characterized by her ability to infuse a sense of fun and energy into her outfits. To capture Janhvi Kapoor's red carpet elegance, consider lehengas with a youthful and vibrant appeal, allowing you to express your exuberant personality through your ethnic wear.

Traditional Glamour

Even in this time and day, some actors embrace traditional glamour in their choice of lehengas. They often opt for classic silhouettes, rich fabrics, and intricate embroidery work. Sara's celebrity style is a nod to the timeless beauty of traditional Indian attire. To emulate Sara Ali Khan's red-carpet elegance, explore lehengas that exude traditional charm and opulence, allowing you to make a grand fashion statement with your ethnic wear.

Traditional Glamour


Celebrities serve as style icons and trendsetters in the fashion industry, and their choices often provide valuable insights into the latest trends in ethnic wear. Whether you're inspired by Sonam Kapoor's timeless elegance, Deepika Padukone's regal charm, or Priyanka Chopra's fusion couture, there's a celebrity-style lehenga trend for everyone. By incorporating elements of your favorite celebrity's fashion into your wardrobe, you can capture red-carpet elegance and make a lasting impression at any event or occasion. So, embrace the world of star-inspired ethnic wear and elevate your fashion game to new heights with these celebrity-style lehenga trends.