Suruchi Parakh Couture came into existence in 2015. Deeply inspired by her mother and for her love for colours and Indian art, Suruchi launched her own clothing line of Indian traditional wear.

She studied designing from National Institute of Fashion Technology, India in 2010. Later on, to expand her knowledge and to learn about International Fashion, she went to Italy and studied in Istituto Superiore di Design, a university in Naples, while working with the renowned fashion designer Varun Bahl alongside. She also worked as a lead designer in Jinaam, a successful platform for fashion designers and that's when she decided to begin her journey and fulfill her dream of taking Indian heritage to a global platform.

"My love for handcraft and Indian Art is what words can't describe. Traditional hand detailing and embroidery is itself an art and the people who do it are really artists. If my knowledge of fashion and my immense love for art can provide for the families of Indian artisans and take their talent on an international level, its the greatest form of joy for me"




Our team comes from various backgrounds and part of India but their heritage of handcraft is the same. From a team of 2, we're now a family of 80 members. The number of members changed but our aim of maintaining the legacy of handcraft still remains unchanged. Started from Suruchi's home garage to now having a flagship store since 2018 in Surat, we've come a long way.

What turned this clothing line into a BRAND, is Suruchi's gratitude and commitment towards her team and her clients to get the best quality products, the love and support from her clients and above all, The team's constant efforts and loyalty towards their work and Suruchi.


The stepping stone of Suruchi's goal of taking Indian art on an International level has been taken in 2020.