Our customers seek exclusivity and individuality, which they also want to express through fashion. Now more than ever people are more particular about what they want, how it is produced and what it stands for.

We live and breathe designs around us that may be printed on soft furnishings in our homes, our wardrobe, or wherever we go outdoor. Our mind is subjected to colour, designs and prints even sub-consciously we think of an object with visuals around us, which influence our mood and feelings. Design aesthetics are subjective around the world, our preferences of objects, colours define our personality.

Some textiles are known singularly for the material used and other textiles combine both material and the print on them. To further enhance the beauty, embellishments are added to garments, we are blessed with multiple options of hand-embroidery, laces, adding pearls, sequins etc.

Indian clothes are particularly recognised for their artisanal talent, many hours and days are dedicated by artists to finish one piece of clothing. The intricacy and detail of work makes a piece of clothing come alive, telling a story of floral gardens, that includes exotic flowers, fruits, birds and animals. These days bridal 'lehengas' are decorated telling the story of the bride and groom or the procession of 'baraat' heading towards bride's home, fairy tales, palaces etc there is no limit how embroidery is evolving with human thinking.

All of us like the idea of exclusive designs that are defined by the term 'Couture'. These are one-off  pieces designed especially with keeping the occasion in mind and the person wearing the outfit is imagined. This gives an opportunity for the designer to showcase their work and style. Couture pieces are believed to be very expensive depending on the popularity of the brand.

As a fashion designer, Suruchi wants to make luxurious outfits affordable, so most people can enjoy them. This becomes a great opportunity for the artisans and craftsman to display their art by reaching maximum number of people who have keen interest in fashion and clothes.